PlanetPonzi is a blog that loves accountability, transparency and truth. We applaud and commend those who question and those who challenge authority.  We love folk who make things and invent things, and anyone who works hard and or raises a family.

Planet Ponzi does not like evasion, lies, or spin. We hate debt. We hate bailouts. We loathe lobbyists and tax-avoiders and economy-wrecking bankers. We do not trust our politicians. We do not trust a corporate owned-media to speak the truth.

Planet Ponzi believes in the power of the individual. We believe in change. Our mantra is Transparency, Oversight, Regulation and Accountability. TORA, TORA, TORA! We welcome you on board.


Mitchell Feierstein

Mitch Feierstein is a highly successful hedge-fund manager and CEO of the Glacier Environmental Fund Limited. Prior to this he was Senior Portfolio Manager of the Cheyne Carbon Fund, part of one of the largest and best-respected hedge-fund groups operating in Europe. He divides his time between London and New York.