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Morgan Freeman, you are a disgrace!

by Mitch Feierstein about 6 years 1 week ago

Rob Reiner’s latest propaganda film “Committee to Investigate Russia” is so outrageous that it would make Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi’s head of propaganda and enlightenment, blush bright red. There is zero evidence to substantiate Morgan Freeman’s claims about the Russian government, let alone anything linking President Donald Trump. Why should we believe the liberal fake-news […]

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  The traditional media in the United States are aggregators of the agenda-driven propaganda narrative propagated by the “deep state” and the “shadow government”. How did this happen? Easy, six mega-corporates own the US media. * News Corporation owns Fox, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and HarperCollins Publishing. * Comcast owns […]

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