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U.S. Congress: You’re Fired! 68% of the Country Is Right!

by Mitch Feierstein about 11 years 3 months ago

How low can a political system sink? Pretty low it would seem. A recent Rasmussen poll suggests that around two-thirds of us would happily fire every single member of Congress, a spectacular lack of confidence in our lawmakers. These are unprecedented levels of disdain and the sad thing is that they’re largely justified. The conventional analysis of […]

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A Short Note to Obama, Romney, and the Mainstream Media

by Mitch Feierstein about 11 years 4 months ago

Summer’s coming. An election campaign’s pending. Obama’s in favor of gay marriage. Mitt Romney’s trying to figure out his vice presidential pick. The mainstream media is trying to second-guess his choices even before they’re even made. But, guys, there are some big issues out here. You know, real ones that affect real things in the […]

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