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Systemic banking fraud means next crisis will be worse

by Mitch Feierstein about 6 years 1 month ago

Remember him?: The risks have not gone away since Hank Paulson was US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Hank. Remember him? Of the crisis in 2008, he said: “Where I come from, if someone takes a risk and they’re going to make the profit from that risk, they shouldn’t have the taxpayer pay for the losses.” […]

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Cashless Societies Signal Death To Democracy And Liberty

by Mitch Feierstein about 6 years 9 months ago

How Trump and The EU’s Demise Can Boost India’s Economy  Trump’s presidency as well as the positions taken by Western liberal elites will provide India with a wonderful opportunity to grow and take its place as an economic powerhouse. The positions taken by liberal elites have resulted in a threat to Western democracy. Now, these […]

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‘Failing dismally’: Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman says austerity isn’t working Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and writer for the New York Times, is in London at the moment telling us that we’ve got things wrong. On Tuesday, he gave a lecture at the London School of Economics entitled, ‘Austerity Thy Name is Vanity’. […]

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