The 12 December general election will be the most crucial election, not only in our lifetimes but also in the history of the United Kingdom. Faith and trust in Westminster and our Parliament have never been lower. 

Why? What’s happened to society? 

The reality is that those who call themselves inclusive, tolerant, diverse and accepting only exhibit these traits until some poor soul disagrees with their viewpoint. When this happens, they become violent, intolerant fascists who believe any behaviour is acceptable because they beam virtue beyond our comprehension. You can never be woke enough!

Since joining Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, I cannot even count the number of times I have been called a racist, a fascist, and a fu@king Jew. Am I racist or fascist? Nope, not even close. Am I Jewish, yes. The unprovoked attack on a rabbi who was left lying in pools of his blood on the ground in Stamford Hill is repugnant. Enough is enough. Will decisive action be taken? No. Are we as a country so much better than this?

I have personally known Nigel Farage for years. Nigel is an intelligent, kind and decent human being, without a racist bone in his body. The propaganda mills kick into overdrive whenever mentioning Nigel Farage’s name. Repetition of slanderous lies to impugn one’s character debases the national dialogue and further erodes civil discourse. Fact: lies spread quicker that truth, and the media is not helping.

I am a Jew and was born in Manhattan. I moved to the UK nearly 20 years ago and gained my citizenship based on my 15 years of expertise in global finance on Wall Street and in Tokyo. During my almost 20 years in the UK, I am pleased to say the people I have bonded with are pillars of society, people who I would trust with my life, and they are my extended family.

I am prepared to fight for you and for the United Kingdom. I won’t give up on the democratic principles that made our country what it is today. I will respect and fight for your wishes—wishes that were made clear in the 2016 referendum.

Do we respect sovereignty, independence and democratic principles?

David Cameron and all the politicians agreed before the 2016 referendum to leave the EU if that’s what the referendum results showed.

“This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity…to leave or to stay…. There will be no second referendum. We will respect the outcome whether it is leaving or remaining in the EU, and the will of the people will be honoured,” David Cameron said in June 2016.

The opportunists and careerists will say or promise anything to get elected. The Liberal Democrats want to seize power by revoking Article 50, but that ship has sailed. The Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democratic.

The Conservative Party and its leader are no better. Did Boris “die in a ditch”? Nope. The reality is that the majority of voters do not trust Boris, and for a good reason. He does not keep his word.

Why do you believe this leopard will change his spots? Because he bellows, “Get Brexit Done” by January? He will not get Brexit done by January. We are being conned. If the Tory Party wanted to deliver Brexit, they would have done it 1,257 days ago.

Boris has come up with a 500+ page “Great New Brexit Deal”, but if you take a look at it, you will quickly realise that Boris’ Brexit deal is not new, not a deal and not Brexit.

In fact, this “Great New Brexit Deal” is simply a revamping of Theresa May’s horrible treaty—a treaty that is, in actuality, a surrender agreement.

And do the media report on this? Unfortunately, the media have forgotten that their job is to simply report facts and news and to let the people decide what to believe. That is no longer an option. Some call this fake news, it’s not. It is actually political advocacy designed to shape a narrative and to exclude the critical facts that allow the truth to shine like daylight. The media operate in an opaque echo chamber crafting stories as well as omitting arguments and crucial points they disagree with to artificially boost the credibility of a spurious argument.

Our pathetic establishment and the media cheerleaders shilling for Boris will tell you to vote for Boris; he will get Brexit done—but they’re wrong. He doesn’t have a chance of getting Brexit done and they know it. Then they claim Farage and the Brexit Party will split the vote and allow either Corbyn or Swinson to win. Again, this is not true. The Brexit Party will not split the vote because we are going to win the election.

The fact is that 80% of the establishment wants to remain in the EU, and now, in the final round, you are being played. But I have faith that the people of Britain will see through this duplicity when the election rolls around.

A vote for the Brexit Party will not split the vote. What it will do is save the UK.

Forty years of failed neoliberal thought, where did it get us?

As the wealth inequality gap widens to new record highs and the middle class gets eviscerated, people have become furious. Nothing like this has ever happened before. 

And the fiscal plans coming from the other parties will only continue this trend. I was one of the only people who accurately predicted the global financial crisis before it happened, so I’ve seen this before.

If Boris is elected, he will run our economy into a ditch. And Jeremy Corbyn’s spending plans will destroy our economy. The Tory and Labour manifestos are both fiscally irresponsible and undeliverable.

So what blew up our economy? Was it Brexit? Westminster’s careerists want you to believe that narrative, but it’s not true. It is the financial plans of the politicians in power.

What we have before us a battle between David and Goliath.

On one side, we have a tyrannical EU with non-elected rulers who call themselves Presidents, such as Jean Claude “when the going gets tough, you have to lie” Juncker.

And on the other side, we have a clean break Brexit and a chance to change politics for good. The Brexit Party will guarantee the restoration of our sovereignty, independence, liberty and rule of law. We will return to the democratic principles our ancestors fought to retain for hundreds of years.

A vote for the Brexit Party will ensure that you play a role in changing politics for good. We will not split the vote. Do not be fooled again. 

Reading East: A Vote for Me is a Vote for Change. Vote Brexit Party.