On January 17, 1961,  58 years ago, President Dwight David Eisenhower* gave his farewell address to the nation. In his speech, Eisenhower recognized that after WWII, the United States was “compelled to create a permanent armaments industry” and build up a gigantic military force. The Cold War made clear the “imperative need for this development,” but Eisenhower was deeply concerned about “the acquisition of unwarranted influence…by the military-industrial complex.” Specifically, Eisenhower warned the American people to guard against the “danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” During World War II Eisenhower was a decorated 5-star general in the U.S. Army who commanded and led the allied forces in Europe to victory over Germany’s Nazi party. He was responsible for the successful invasions of North Africa in 1942-3 as well as France and Germany in 1944-45. Eisenhower was a legendary U.S. war hero.

Fast forward to today. The most profitable company stocks are U.S. military-industrial complex suppliers. Power equals money, the military-industrial complex is the deep state, and the Clinton clan have been their politicians of choice for nearly three decades.

History has repeated itself as the Clintons resurrect the 1950’s playbook of communist paranoia to deflect attention from their crimes.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton, in conjunction with senior members of Barack Hussein Obama’s FBI and DOJ, committed numerous crimes against democracy during a reign of more than twenty-five years as paymasters in Washington’s pay-to-play swamp. The epic Clinton scandals and cover-ups under investigation in Washington now will make Nixon’s Watergate and subsequent cover-up look like kindergarteners playing in a sandbox.

Hillary’s entire career is based on crimes, lies, cover-ups and hypocrisy enabled by Hollywood’s scripted spin. The attached video (above) provides incontrovertible evidence of the decades of Hillary’s methods and duplicity.

The Clintons funneled hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions into the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation in exchange for political favors. To divert attention from their shocking loss to Donald Trump and their numerous crimes, the Clintons created mass hysteria over Russia that is even more pronounced than Senator Joe McCarthy’s 1950’s  witch hunts.

Marc E. Elias, a long-time Clinton loyalist and lawyer at Perkins Coie representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained and paid Fusion GPS US$10 million to conduct what they deemed “opposition research.” If America really wants to know the truth behind Russia, Trump, the Clintons, and the now infamous “fake dossier” that Obama’s FBI used to fraudulently deceive a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judge in order to gain authorization to spy on and monitor Trump’s presidential campaign, we need to ask Julian Assange.

It is extremely dangerous to our republic when politicians weaponize the NSA, the DOJ, The CIA and the FBI to spy on a political opposition party and then lie about it. Julian Assange has the answers we need. Assange knows exactly who gave all the leaked emails to WikiLeaks, and it was not Russia.

The “deep state” operatives will continue to orchestrate a coup d’état of our democratically elected government in order to neutralize President Trump’s threats to drain the swamp. They will do this through their drumbeat of identity politics, virtue signaling, social justice, political correctness, and entitlement.

Predictably, as evidence of the Clintons’ guilt and corruption mounts around the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global initiative, and the real Russian collusion story, the Clintons will resurrect their most famous excuse: “the great right-wing conspiracy.”  Their next play will be to convince “resistance” members that these prosecutions are politically motivated and blame it all on Trump. It’s a diversion. Yea, right. It is time our rigged, corrupt justice system is restored.  America needs to wake up!

America’s trust in the FBI and DOJ has been shattered. Will the deep-state operatives, corrupt politicians and senior FBI and DOJ officials, enabled by complicit fake-news media, pull off a cover-up and once again fool Americans? Is it possible to drain Washington DC’s cesspool of corruption? John Huber, Matt Whitaker, and William Barr where are you?

I wouldn’t bet on any real change happening anytime soon—the swamp will stay the same and the deep state will keep the status quo.: BOHICA.  (Bend Over Here It Comes Again!)